The Netcare Group, of which Netcare Hospitals is a member, is committed to making a positive difference in the environments in which we operate, and the transformational culture in Netcare is evidenced by our Group’s sustained progress in transformation. Workplace transformation committees within the Group facilitate positive engagement between management and labour in this regard.

In addition to the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) Codes of Good Practice, Netcare’s transformation strategy also takes into account the requirements of the Employment Equity Act, Employment Equity Regulations and the Codes of Good Practice for Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value issued by the Department of Labour.

For 2015, our Group achieved a Level 8 B-BBEE rating based on the revised dti Codes compared to a Level 2 B-BBEE rating in 2014, based on the 2007 dti Codes. The newly promulgated codes have been used to refine our Group’s transformation strategy and set a baseline for 2016 transformation objectives.


Netcare’s goal is to maintain black ownership above the dti prescribed thresholds and to generate greater value for members of our Group’s B-BBEE ownership schemes.

dti target
Netcare status/achievement



black ownership

black ownership




black woman ownership



new black entrants to Netcare’s B-BBEE ownership schemes



black ownership net asset value

Management control

dti target
Netcare status/achievement



black Board members

black Board members



black female Board members

black female Board members



black executive management

black executive management



black female executive management

black female executive management

Employment equity

Driving diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our Group’s transformation and human resource strategies and processes. Our integrated transformation strategy incorporates a five-year employment equity plan for the period 2016 to 2020.

South Africa – 20 094 employees



black employees


black female employees


employees with a disability


black employees with a disability

Transformation performance at management level – 2015

Number of managers % of black managers % of black women managers
Senior managers 28 25% 14%
Middle managers 472 34% 18%
Junior managers 7 842 61% 52%

Employing staff with a disability

The inclusion of people with disabilities in the mainstream economy is a critical imperative in the national transformation agenda and is core to Netcare’s diversity strategy. This is evidenced by the Group’s comprehensive integrated disability mainstreaming strategy which, amongst others, covers leadership accountability for employing staff with a disability and the integration of disability awareness into our recruitment strategies, guides and tools; learnership programmes targeted at people with disabilities; and partnering with organisations specialising in recruitment of people with disabilities.

Of the 1 867 people with disabilities currently employed in the healthcare sector in 2015, 30.0% work for Netcare. Within the private healthcare sector, 53.0% work for Netcare.

Profile per job category

Representation of people with disabilities within Netcare is evenly distributed across all occupational levels and is filtering into all key functions, including clinical services.

Skills development

Netcare’s skills development focuses on formal structured learning programmes that lead to employment and career progression for black people. Enrolments in training interventions are aligned to our transformation objectives; therefore approximately 86% of our total training spend was invested in developing black employees, of which 75% was spent on developing black women.

Learning and developmental interventions

Number of interventions delivered 27 607
Total number of employees trained 11 143
- Women 83%
- Black participants 77%

3.8% of payroll spent on skills development, inclusive of direct and indirect training costs

Supplier and enterprise development

Of Netcare’s total B-BBEE measurable spend, 92% (R8,1 billion) was with B-BBEE compliant suppliers.

Netcare endeavours to use its position as a substantial procurer of goods and services to drive transformation and empowerment in the healthcare industry.

Corporate recognition for Netcare’s supplier and enterprise development

2015 Oliver Empowerment Awards

Netcare was a finalist in two categories of the 2015 Oliver Empowerment Awards, namely the Socio-Economic Development Award and the Enterprise and Supplier Development Award.

Socio-economic development

Netcare’s socio-economic development initiatives and contributions focus on broadening access to healthcare for marginalised South Africans, particularly those in rural areas. The Group’s corporate social investment initiatives are facilitated through the Netcare Foundation. In 2015, the foundation’s qualifying spend against the dti scorecard totalled R29 million, 1.2% of NPAT was spent on healthcare-related CSI initiatives, with approximately 86% of the beneficiaries being black. This compares favourably to the dti target of 1% of NPAT criteria.

CSI beneficiary distribution

Corporate recognition for Netcare’s CSI

2016 Diamond Arrow Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Netcare won the national Diamond Arrow Award in the category for private hospital and clinic groups for its corporate social responsibility initiatives. This is the fourth consecutive year that Netcare has had the highest recognition by

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