Postnatal services

Postnatal support and services

Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby wellness clinics provide holistic postnatal support to parents in a supportive and therapeutic environment, as well as a wide range of services to babies and children of up to the age of five years. Postnatal care for both mother and baby are essential to identify and promptly address possible health problems.

It is essential to have your baby checked regularly to ascertain if the most important milestones have been reached.

Well baby clinics

These are general consultations where the baby is weighed, measured and developmental milestones are discussed with the parents. The visits to the clinic also present you with the opportunity to ask for advice on matters that you’re concerned about or unsure of, so that the experienced staff can assist to address them.

Your baby’s two-week check-up is an important aspect of postnatal care. In the first five days after birth, babies lose up to 10% of their birth weight due to the fact that they are now burning calories to keep warm. By two weeks after birth your baby should, however, have started regaining weight so that is a good time to gauge whether this first milestone has been reached.

Even if your baby is seemingly well, it is still essential to have your little one weighed and checked regularly to ascertain if the most important milestones have been reached. This assists in detecting possible health and developmental problems at an early stage. 

Immunisation clinics

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is especially true after your baby’s birth. Vaccinations are safe, necessary and effective to protect your baby against a range of serious and potentially fatal diseases. Not vaccinating your baby dramatically increases the risk of your little one contracting illnesses.

The purpose and benefits of the different vaccinations (those prescribed by the Department of Health as well as optional additional recommended vaccines) are discussed so that parents can make informed decisions as to which vaccines they would like to be administered to their baby. A vaccination consultation fee is payable for the administering of a vaccine.

All Netcare Stork's Nest clinics stock private vaccines equivalent to the government schedule, the only difference being that the government vaccines are offered at no charge and the private vaccines have to be paid for in full. If a government vaccine is administered at one of the Netcare Stork's Nest clinics, only an administration fee is payable. If a private vaccine is administered, the cost of the vaccine and the administration thereof, is payable. 

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Postnatal support classes

The following postnatal support classes are offered:

  • How to care for your baby
  • Nanny classes which include guidance on appropriate hygiene
  • Baby safety
  • Stimulation of the baby
  • Diet and the introduction of solids
  • First aid classes
  • CPR course for parents, child minders and school going children
  • Baby massage    

Postnatal depression support

Netcare Stork’s Nest clinics also offer support to mothers who experience depression or mood variances through a partnership with the Post Natal Depression Support Association of South Africa (PNDSA).

Netcare Assist App

The Netcare Assist App’s multiple functionalities give users access to emergency and medical information within seconds. The app offers an invaluable lifeline for any person in an emergency situation, looking for medical help or needing advice, and can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. 

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There are 32 Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby wellness clinics across South Africa, providing, amongst other, a wide range of postnatal services. The clinics are situated at Netcare hospitals with maternity facilities. Contact your nearest Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby clinic for more information on the specific postnatal services they offer.

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