Your hospital stay

Your hospital stay

Case management of medical scheme patients

During your hospital stay, it is important that our case managers, who are professional nurses, are informed of any additional procedure you might have to undergo prior to it being undertaken by your surgeon. They will maintain close contact with your medical scheme or your private insurer to notify them of any new procedures you may require or if you have to be transferred to a specialised unit, in order to ensure that your hospitalisation costs will be covered.

Case management of private patients

Our reception staff will give you an update on the status of your account on a daily basis. Should your account exceed the pre-payment you have made prior to or on your admission, you may be required to make further interim payments during your hospital stay.

Remember that the hospital bill does not include any costs for services rendered by your doctor, anaesthetist, radiology and pathology practices and other service providers such as physiotherapists, as all of them are independent practitioners operating for their own accounts. You will be billed separately by the respective healthcare practitioners for services rendered to you.


No firearms are permitted on the hospital premises. Patients and their visitors are requested to please leave their firearms at home.

Infection prevention and control

All Netcare hospitals have implemented strict measures for preventing cross infections and patients and visitors are urged to comply with these measures. We encourage you and your visitors to wash your hands properly to prevent the spread of infections. Visitors are requested to use the hand rub, which is strategically placed throughout our hospitals, on their arrival and departure.

Parents and relatives of patients who are hospitalised with infectious conditions are requested to comply with infection control measures for their own and others’ safety.

Liability for lost or stolen items

Netcare will not be held responsible for any losses that may occur and as such no claims for misplaced or lost items will be considered. However, in the unfortunate event of a lost item, kindly report it to the unit manager as soon as you discover it.

Patient feedback

We value feedback from our patients and their loved ones, as this enables us to keep in touch with our patients’ needs and expectations, and to improve the quality of our care as and where needed. It also gives us the opportunity to acknowledge staff members who provide patients with quality, compassionate care and excellent service.

During your hospital stay you will be offered the opportunity to rate our service by means of our iPad patient feedback system, and we encourage you to use this opportunity to give us feedback. You and/or your family members are also welcome to raise any concerns you or they may have, either with the unit manager of the ward where you are being cared for, or with a member of our hospital’s customer care team. Raising any concerns with us while you are still in hospital makes it possible for us to address them promptly.

Patient privacy

At Netcare hospitals, we respect the privacy of our patients and the confidentiality of their personal and medical information. No information on their admission to hospital, condition or health status will therefore be released over the telephone to strangers. Please arrange with your immediate relatives to share information regarding your health with friends and colleagues, if you so wish.


In the interest of the safety and security, our hospitals are monitored by various types of electronic surveillance equipment. In addition, there are clearly identifiable security personnel in strategic positions throughout the hospital and the hospital grounds.  They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the hospital, our patients, visitors, doctors and personnel.


In accordance with South African legislation, all Netcare hospitals have adopted a clean-air policy. This means that smoking is not permitted in the hospital. If you or your visitors wish to smoke, you  may only do so within the designated smoking areas.

Visiting times and restrictions

Note that the visiting times, restrictions and resting times may differ from hospital to hospital, and may furthermore differ for specific wards within a hospital. We kindly request visitors not to visit patients during patients’ official ’resting period’.

Detailed information about visiting times and restrictions applicable in each of our hospitals is featured on each of their dedicated web pages. Please visit the ‘Hospitals’ section on our website to obtain information, or consult the notice boards at our hospitals or the unit managers of specific wards in this regard.

In accordance with the regulations provided by the Department of Health for infection control purposes, we unfortunately do not allow children under the age of 12 years to visit paediatric patients. Furthermore only two visitors at at time may visit a patient in an intensive ward. Likewise, we don’t allow visitors to bring pets into our hospitals.

We request that only immediate family members visit patients in ICU. Note that our staff may at times ask visitors to leave the unit should it be necessary to perform any nursing procedures. Due to the nature of the intensive care required by patients, visitors are requested to inform the staff when entering the unit. Kindly obtain permission from the ICU staff to visit your loved one and take cognisance of their recommendations regarding time spent at the patient’s bedside. Also note that no flowers are permitted in the ICU.