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Who we are

There are 32 Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby wellness clinics across South Africa, providing a wide range of antenatal and postnatal services. The clinics, which are situated at Netcare hospitals with maternity facilities, provide a holistic, supportive and therapeutic environment to:

  • assist parents-to-be in preparing for the birth of their baby;
  • assist new parents in forming healthy family bonds;
  • support parents-to-be and new parents with credible information and advice;
  • help improve communication between the new family, healthcare professionals at the hospital and those involved as caregivers to the baby; and
  • act as a referral source for expectant and new parents. 
Netcare Stork’s Nest clinic services
Antenatal education Postnatal support and services
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Our services

Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby wellness clinics provide both antenatal education services as well as postnatal support to parents and a range of services to babies and children of up to the age of five years.

Antenatal care for expectant women and postnatal care for both mother and baby are essential to identify and promptly address possible health problems. Regular check-ups during your pregnancy are vital to ensure that your health is not compromised and also to monitor the growth and general health of your baby. Your obstetrician may do urine, blood and blood pressure tests during check-ups, as well as scans of your baby at regular intervals.

Antenatal and postnatal care for mother and baby are essential to identify and promptly address possible health problems

Getting advice from healthcare professionals on aspects such as nutrition, exercise, what to expect during the various stages of pregnancy, and deciding on a birth plan that suits your needs are also important. Antenatal classes are invaluable in helping to prepare expectant parents for birth and parenthood.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is also true after your baby’s birth. Vaccinations are safe, necessary and effective to protect your baby against a range of serious and potentially fatal diseases. Not vaccinating your baby dramatically increases the risk of contracting illnesses.

Your baby’s two-week check-up is an important aspect of postnatal care. In the first five days after birth, babies lose up to 10% of their birth weight due to the fact that they are now burning calories to keep warm. By two weeks after birth your baby should, however, have started regaining weight so that is a good time to gauge whether this first milestone has been reached.

Even if your baby is seemingly well, it is still essential to have your little one weighed and checked regularly to ascertain if the most important milestones have been reached. This assists in detecting possible health and developmental problems at an early stage. These visits to the clinic also present you with the opportunity to ask for advice on matters that you’re concerned about or unsure of.

Breastfeeding preparation and support

Breastfeeding provides the best possible nutrition for a new baby. Netcare encourages breastfeeding and helps new mothers to initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of the birth, provided that the health of the mother and baby are satisfactory. In the Netcare maternity units, babies room in with the mothers 24 hours a day from birth, unless they need to be cared for separately due to the mother’s or the baby’s condition. This is done to encourage frequent breastfeeding. We also educate and guide mothers on initiating and sustaining breastfeeding at the antenatal classes. However, we respect the choice of mothers who decide not to breastfeed and provide them with the necessary education and support on formula feeding of their newborn.

View World Health Organization infographic on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding – the best possible nutrition for a new baby

Antenatal education services

The experienced childbirth educators at Netcare Stork's Nest clinics lead antenatal classes for first time parents, as well as parents who would like to refresh their knowledge. Expectant couples or mothers can attend antenatal classes from 24 weeks and up to 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Knowledge during pregnancy is empowering

Topics covered include the following:

  • Fears and expectations regarding pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • The anatomy of the uterus (womb)
  • Exercise and diet during pregnancy
  • Common ailments and danger signs during pregnancy
  • Birthing options
  • Induction of labour
  • Coping mechanisms during labour, including breathing and relaxation exercises
  • Initiating and sustaining breastfeeding
  • Tests for the newborn baby
  • Importance of immunisation

Certain Stork’s Nest clinics offer parents-to-be the following options for antenatal classes:

  • A  four to six week course of two hours per week
  • A full day condensed course on a Saturday.

Netcare Pregnancy App

The Netcare Pregnancy App makes valuable and reliable information on pregnancy related matters easily accessible to expectant parents. The app can be downloaded free from iOS and Android platforms. Read more

Postnatal support and services

Well baby clinics

These are general consultations where the baby is weighed, measured and developmental milestones are discussed with the parents. Any concerns and problems, such as breastfeeding, nappy rash, etc. can also be discussed and addressed during these consultations. 

Postnatal support classes

The following postnatal support classes are offered:

  • How to care for your baby
  • Nanny classes which include guidance on appropriate hygiene
  • Baby safety
  • Stimulation of the baby
  • Diet and the introduction of solids
  • First aid classes
  • CPR course for parents, child minders and school going children
  • Baby massage

Postnatal depression support

Netcare Stork’s Nest clinics also offer support to mothers who experience depression or mood variances through a partnership with the Post Natal Depression Support Association of South Africa (PNDSA).

Contact your nearest Netcare Stork’s Nest mother and baby clinic for more information on the specific services they offer.

Immunisation clinics

The purpose and benefits of the different vaccinations (those prescribed by the Department of Health as well as optional additional recommended vaccines) are discussed with the parents so that they can make informed decisions as to which vaccines they would like to be administered to their baby. A vaccination consultation fee is payable for the administering of a vaccine.

All Netcare Stork's Nest clinics stock private vaccines equivalent to the government schedule, the only difference being that the government vaccines are offered at no charge and the private vaccines have to be paid for in full. If a government vaccine is administered at one of the Netcare Stork's Nest clinics, only an administration fee is payable. If a private vaccine is administered, the cost of the vaccine and the administration thereof, is payable. 

Click here for the latest vaccination schedule

Find a Netcare Stork’s Nest clinic

Free State

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Kroon Hospital

Kroonstad 9500
Tel: 056 215 1419
Co-ordinator: Petra Brink


Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Akasia Hospital

Cnr Heinrich & Brits Avenue,
Karen Park Ext. 25,
Akasia 0118
Tel: 012 522 1043/1156
Co-ordinator:  Agnes Makoela>

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Clinton Hospital

62 Clinton Road,
New Redruth,
Alberton 1449
Tel: 011 724 2334
Co-ordinator: Irma Boshoff

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Femina Hospital

460 Belvedere Street,
Arcadia 0007
Tel: 012 304 1781
Manager: Kristel Steyn

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Garden City Hospital

35 Bartlett Road,
Mayfair West 2092
Tel: 011 495 5158
Co-ordinator: Maureen Molefe

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Krugersdorp Hospital

9 Burger Street,
Krugersdorp 1740
Tel: 011 951 0708
Co-ordinator: SR/RN Wilma Symons

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Linkwood Hospital

Ladybird Corner,
94 16th Street,
Orange Grove 2192
Tel: 011 485 3057
Manager: Marie Booysen

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Linmed Hospital

5 Hull Road,
Benoni 1514
Tel: 011 748 6279

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Montana Hospital

Cnr Dr Swanepoel & Rooibos Streets,
Montana Park,
Pretoria 0159
Tel: 012 523 3255
Manager: Martie le Roux

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Mulbarton Hospital

25 True North Road,
Mulbarton 2059
Tel: 011 682 4300
Co-ordinator: Alison Horn

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare N17 Hospital

7 Tonk Meter Avenue,
Pollak Park Ext. 7,
Springs 1559
Tel: 021 590 4196
Co-ordinator: Elsie Schemper

Olivedale Mother & Baby Clinic

Cnr President Fouche & Windsor Way,
Randburg 2125
Tel: 011 777 2176
Manager: Inamarie Greyson

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Park Lane Hospital

Cnr Junction Avenue & Park Lane,
Parktown 2193
Tel: 011 480 4125
Co-ordinator: Sr Louise Archary

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Pinehaven Hospital

1 Gateway Road,
Pinehaven Estate,
Krugersdorp 1739
Tel: 011 950 5400
Manager: Martie Scheepers 

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Pretoria East Hospital

Cnr Garsfontein & Netcare Roads,
Moreleta Park,
Pretoria 0001
Tel: 012 422 2448
Co-ordinator: Karen van der Westhuizen

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Sunninghill Hospital

Cnr Witkoppen & Nanyuki Roads,
Sunninghill 2196
Tel: 011 257 2039
Co-ordinator: Nicole Tshimanga

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Sunward Park Hospital

Cnr Kingfisher Avenue,
Aquarius Road & Bert Lacey Drive,
Sunward Park, Boksburg 1459
Tel: 011 897 1732
Co-ordinator: Elle Cordosa

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Unitas Hospital

Clifton Avenue,
Lyttelton, Pretoria 1040
Tel: 012 677 8212
Co-ordinator: Rita Fourie

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Waterfall City Hospital

Cnr Magwa Crescent & Mac Mac Avenue,
Midrand 1682
Tel: 011 304 7913/4
Co-ordinator: Renuka Bodalia
E-mail: :


Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Alberlito Hospital

Kirsty Close,
Ballito 4420
Tel: 032 946 6956
Manager: Trish Idensohn

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Parklands Hospital

75 Hopelands Road,
Overport, Durban 4001
Tel: 031 208 1346
Manager: Dawn Stephen

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare St Anne’s Hospital

331 Burger Street,
Pietermaritzburg 3201
Tel: 033 897 5309
Co-ordinator: Kate Paine

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital

107 Chelmsford Road,
Durban 4001
Tel: 031 268 5008 / 031 268 5083
Co-ordinator: Linda Glasson

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare The Bay Hospital

Kruger Rand Road,
CBD, Richards Bay 3900
Tel: 035 780 6111
Co-ordinator: Nonkonzo Gumede

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare uMhlanga Hospital

323 uMhlanga Drive,
uMhlanga 4320
Tel: 031 560 5528


Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Pholoso Hospital

Cnr Grobler Street & Eland Avenue,
Savanna, Polokwane 0699
Tel: 015 296 6500
Manager: Lynette Maree

North West Province

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Ferncrest Hospital

Moumo Street,
Thlabane 0299
Tel: 014 568 4200
Co-ordinator: Shirley Strydom

Western Cape

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital

Waterville Crescent,
Sunningdale 7441
Tel: 021 554 9388
Co-ordinator: Cecile Wilson

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital

181 Longmarket Street,
Cape Town 8001
Tel: 021 480 6143
Co-ordinator: Desiree du Plessis

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare Kuils River Hospital

33 Van Riebeeck Road,
Kuils River 7580
Tel: 021 900 6530
Co-ordinator: Christine Swart

Netcare Stork’s Nest – Netcare N1 City Hospital

Louwtjie Rothman Street,
Goodwood 7460
Tel: 021 590 4196
Co-ordinator: Ronel Nortje

Contact us


Netcare Stork’s Nest 24-hour advice line: 0860STORKS (0860 786 757)

National office

76 Maude Street (cnr West Street), Sandton
Tel: 011 301 0000
National co-ordinator: Sharlene Swart